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Its history

The cult label starts in 1989. Only a few top brands did recognise the boom for menís underwear so far. Designer Alfons Kreuzer is the founder of Olaf Benz. He develops the brandís concept and styling.

The revolutionary collection obviously exploded and within no time it was available in all German top shops. As a consequence, the international distribution was built up. This also succeeds by taking part in different international trade fairs.

Nevertheless, we do work true to the premise not to sell everywhere. That is why Olaf Benz is being distributed very selectively. The point of sale absolutely needs to meet the target group. This will permanently ensure the exclusiveness of this designer collection.

Enormous creative energy

The high level of creativity of the stylist is a main part of success. The Olaf Benz designer focuses on innovation and spirit and not only adding a new waistband to American basics. Until today, there are hardly any investments for new designs of menís underwear. The reason for this might well be that most designers give their production to licensees. That is why many articles are uniformed and replaceable. "If you know one, you know them all"

Olaf Benz now

Alfons Kreuzer alleges until today, that Olaf Benz is the best collection on the international market when comparing fit, styling, quality level and innovation.