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Washing and ironing symbols

The line under the symbol indicates that certain fabrics require a more moderate treatment.
The circled letters are symbols for dry-cleaning.


normal wash
delicate wash
hand wash
do not wash
Figures in the symbols indicate maximum washing temperatures not to exceed. The line under the symbols indicates that concerned textile seeks a softer treatment.


very hot ironing
moderately hot ironing
warm iron
no need ironing
The symbol indicate maximum ironing temperature not to exceed.

Dry cleaning

(unable to wash of white in large quantities)
under condition


normal drying
delicate drying
not drying in the dryer

Bleaching agents


Materials guide


Synthetic material made from an organic acid. The aspect can be glossy, matte, unbleached, bleached or coloured.


COOLMAX® is a high tech fabric specifically and uniquely engineered to keep users dry and comfortable. COOLMAX® fabrics are made from specially engineered Dacron polyester fibres with an increased surface area. This special four-channel fibre forms a transport system that pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than any other fabric and thermoregulate the body. This material being hydrophobic, it keeps eight times less humidity than nylon and fourteen times less than cotton. It gets rid of bad smells.


Cotton was already known in India in antique timesSome cotton materials probably dating back to 2500 B.C. have also been discovered in Peru. It was cultivated in North America as early as in the 17th century before being introduced in Europe in the 18th century.
White fibrous substance made of silky fibres which surround the cotton seeds. It is made up of around 94% cellulose.
A major characteristic of the fibre quality is its length. The short fibres are less than 25 mm long and the long ones are over 28.5 mm. The long ones are usually cardful.
It is a hygienic material and provides comfort on skin. Cotton can absorb 10% of its weight in water without giving any feeling of humidity. Therefore we can say it is endowed with an impressive absorbing capacity along with an acute holding back capacity concerning sweat.
Moreover, cotton is allergy-free and static-free.
It can endure very high washing temperatures (if it is well dyed).
Washing: Trouble-free. It can bear both high temperatures and washing machines.


Synthetic fibre derived from elasthane. Its characteristic is its extreme elasticity.


This word is originally derived from two words : " elastic and polyurethan ". It is a generic term used to describe high elasticity threads.
It can stretch itself up to three times its length and gets back to its original size once you stop stretching it.
Examples : Dorlastan, Glospan, Linel, Lycra.


Vegetal fibre taken from linum stems. It is a strong and glossy fibre resulting in fresh and absorbing materials which are easily crumpled.


Garment made with LYCRA® adds performance, comfort and freedom of movement. This fabric is durable with great shape memory. Elasthane fibre was invented and manufactured by Dupont (who markets it since 1960). This fibre can be stretched up to 7 times its length and then immediately gets back to its original length once stretching is stopped.
It can be used in any material and perfectly adapts to natural or synthetic fibres. It is never used alone. Lycra provides the elasticity which underwears need. It perfectly adapts to the shapes of the body and enables the undergarments to keep their original shape and size. This fibre definitely leads to better movement. It results in long life materials, comfort, free movement and perfect support.


Current commercial name of a polyamide. See Microfibre material.


Lighter and softer than MODAL, this fibre gives a second-skin feel. Perfect for lingerie or luxury sleepwear.


Modal is extracted from wood cellulose which is a natural raw material. It is soft, supple and silky for maximum comfort. Its characteristic is to remain soft and slinky even after several washing operations. Modal is a particularly absorbant and breathing material. Modal can be compared to viscose. The aspect can be glossy, matte or coloured.


Synthetic material, h3 resistant thread, slinky, with a very good temperature memory (crumple resistant) and easy to take care of.
Example : Terylene.


Synthetic material, h3 resistant threads, slinky rather elastic and easy to take care of.
Examples : Meryl, Tactel.


Animal origin. Thread obtained after emptying the cocoon of a butterfly larva.
Silk fibres are very absorbing, it can absorb up to 30% of its weight and store up to 12%.
Bad heat transmitter, it has a very important heat capacity. It is thin, elastic and slinky.
Light and impossible to crumple, the silk thread is white and very glossy. It is three times h3er than wool.
The glossy and very soft aspects give beautiful and second skin materials which are second to none.
Care: Care is important to keep the material all its qualities. A handwash in cold water is necessary. Use soft washing powders. No heat.
Coloured elements are to be washed separately. Crumples easily.


TACTEL® is a unique 2-Layered fabric construction designed for high activity sports that brings maximum sensorial and physiological comfort. The inner TACTEL® layer transfers moisture towards the more absorbent fine filament TACTEL® outer layer where it evaporates efficiently.
- body microclimate control
- quick drying
- lightweight
- soft
- durable
- easy care.

Textile Microfiber

Material made from microfibres in order to give a silky, soft, comfortable and breathing result.
Examples : Meryl, Tactel Micro.


Natural material which man made comfortable and sophisticated.
Luxurious material extracted from a natural product. As it is a one hundred years old material, it is very fashionable and one of the key materials in clothing.
Viscose is pleasant to look at and has a silky glossy look, and can bear shimmering colours that will keep their original aspect.
The density of the material (higher than cotton) gives a flowing result. Natural and soft to the touch, it results in undeniable comfort. Static electricity-free.
It absorbs the body's humidity quicker than cotton. (13% instead of 8.5%).
In one word it is the perfect matching of aesthetics and comfort.
Care: Easy care. It has an excellent strength capacity and perfect colours even if you wash it up to 40°C.