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The pre-order

olaf-benz.fr offers the possibility to pre-order items from the collections future, deliverables in accordance with the dates of availability of articles and according to the specific conditions of sale presented below.

-A pre-order is an order of items not available at the time of the command.

-The pre-order gives access to all items manufactured by Olaf Benz instead only offer for sale a selection of lines, models, sizes and colors.

-From the pre-order menu, you can view the items affected by the pre-order, grouped by line.
-For each line, a deadline control is indicated as well as the estimated availability date.
-To order these items, proceed as for other sections of the site (add to Cart then checkout).

Specific conditions of sale:
-A pre-order payment must be carried out at the order or no later than 2 days before the smallest deadline order of items ordered (accordingly, so that the command is taken into account, it is better to pay immediately or with a short delay).
-The delivery of a pre-order is made at once, at the earliest on the date of the greater availability of the items ordered (so it is better to split the pre-orders to get articles as soon as possible as soon as they become available).