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Delivery and shipping costs

Delivery cost

Country List :

*: Free delivery cost from 2 articles ordered and £58.66GBP of purchase except reduction. If this condition is not met, delivery cost are £5.17GBP.


Discrete packing

There are two possible shipping possibilities :

The priority service, which is possible in France and worldwide. With the priority method , La Poste and PLANET UNDIES pays the whole or part of the shipping fees. The delivery time is of about 2 days for France, Luxemburg and Belgium 3 to 6 days for other European countries 10 to 15 days for the rest of the world.

The express service, possible in France and worldwide. Chronopost and PLANET UNDIES suggest this solution for a quicker delivery service. Cost and delivery time depend on the weight and on the country the parcel is sent to. These pieces of information are available on the page before your final acceptance of the order.

When products are available, parcels are sent within 48 hours (Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays not included, and except if there is a special notification). If a product is not available, waiting time before shipping is indicated in the order recapitulation.

Processing and delivery times can be longer during holidays or high activity (from 01/08 to 15/09 and from 15/12 to 05/01)

If you don't receive your order, you have 21 days after the departure date to inform us. After this deadline, we won't be able to accept your claim. After an enquiry, if your package is considered as definitely lost, refund will be held from 60 days after the day you informed us of the delivery problem.